The Benefits of Google News

The Benefits of Google News

Google News is a news site that uses computer-generation to cumulate news from around the world. The site uses more than 50,000 sources from across the globe to provide headlines on the platform. These headlines are then categorized and grouped according to their similarities. In this way, the site provides the news according to the particular interests of the reader.

Google news provide an opportunity for the reader to exercise freedom of choice depending on what he wants, the areas of interest, the location of the news, the publisher of the news among many other perspectives that one may be interested in. The site is designed in a manner that when you click on a particular headline, you will be directed to the publisher site where the news article came from or was published.

Google News use computer generated method of sorting and displaying the articles and multimedia contents. The computers evaluate the frequencies that any article or content appears online should have. Ranking is also done by looking at content characteristics that include credibility of the source, timeliness, reliability and diversity in scope. This means that ranking and inclusion of stories in the site is done in a very objective manner devoid of political or ideological biases.

Reaping from Inclusion of Site in Google News

It is good to realize that Google does not charge a penny for your site to be included in Google News. The listing comes with its huge advantages for your site in terms of the following:

  • Increased traffic for your site: out of its popularity, Google News provides a perfect source of traffic. If you are included and you publish timely and credible content, you will realize an upsurge of traffic for your site.
  • Increased linking for your site: due to the fact that many people usually go to the site for news and content ideas, you will realize that more sites will use your site for their story development. The common practice will be that they will credit your site with link. In this way, you will experience increased links to your site that will be beneficial for your business.
  • Increased Google search ranking: this will come about through several understandings. The very fact that Google News includes your site is enough to know that it considers your website credible. The fact that a lot of traffic is visiting your site is positively associated with ranking. More links to your site also means the same. This is good for your ranking in searchability.