Do Follow and No Follow

Do Follow and No Follow

Do follow and no follow links are discreet. No follow links will tell the search engine crawlers that there is no need to follow the link. The content in that area having the no follow link needs not be indexed. It is the meaning behind the no follow link. Certain portions of the web pages of yours such as the comments area need not be indexed by the search engines, as it might lead to misleading search results to the users. Hence, when you provide no follow links to the search engine crawler’s visibility,

It just shows your interest in providing the right information alone to the search engine. You deserve credits for your straight forward proposal and for reducing the work of the crawlers in being precise in their results to the users. On the other hand, the do follow links are primarily meant to focus on the search engine crawlers. It can lead to the best relevant content pertaining to the niche.

Why should one get the back links in the first place?

Back links are nothing but links through which audience are directed to your website or blog to increase the number of visitors to the particular site. When the search engine crawlers identify that the particular site or blog is getting heavy traffic or at least some noteworthy traffic, then it tries to project the site with higher priority. It is how your page ranks growing. When the page ranks are higher you get maximum number of visitors to your site.

When the number of visitors is increased naturally, there is more exposure for the products and commodities that you are promoting in the particular website of yours. It could be just a blog at times. Blogger and other big names are there where you could get everything done for just free of costs. All you have to put is your time and effort to get the maximum attention of the international clientele.

It is a proven fact that the article marketing is the most highly result-oriented method of approach to get traffic to your website. When you are not able to do so much work you can try out the option of word of mouth marketing to pull in traffic to your website. It’s a very handy tool that needs less of your energy; you have just to talk about your website proudly to one. When you are capable of doing it you are then creating the initial spark needed to kick start the engine which might get fired up. The formal procedure of getting traffic to your website is to get it submitted to all the major search engines. Thousands of them are available on the net. Your site should be enlisted in each of them.

So many other ways are also there to pull in traffic to your website. Those ways include joining Google or yahoo groups, bulk mailing, blogging, writing reviews and so on. It is advisable to attempt as many ways as possible if you really want to get wonderful traffic flowing into your website.