Classified Posting Service

Classified advertisement is known to be a very effective way of promoting your products and services since it provides websites with a good amount of direct traffic. With ad posting, it is possible to get huge exposure for free. The trick to success in this Internet marketing technique is by submitting your ads in location specific or regional sites to get targeted traffic. At Elmanarah, we understand the ins and outs of ads posting.

What is ad Posting?

Online classified posting on USA classified sites is advertising your service or product by writing a compelling description. Your description can include a photograph of the product, email address, website URL, price, address, phone number and company name. The reason why these ads are known as classified ads is because all the ads are categorized and classified based on what product or service
they offer.

Discover Major Benefits with ad Posting

With Elmanarah handling classified posting on best classified sites on your behalf, you will definitely be able to enjoy major benefits. This is one of the best advertising venues on the internet today simply because the ads can be posted totally free. Large organizations as well as local smaller companies depend on these websites for advertising today. We can post your ads on some of the best known ads with high rank in order to divert targeted traffic to your website. We can even post on some of the most well known sites such as ePage, Oodle, Backpage, Gumtree, Kijij and CL. Only Trust the Experts for Your ad Posting

Elmanarah has a team of experts in ad posting and these experts will handle the entire process for you. Given below is a brief outline of the process we follow:

• We begin by selecting the sites on which the ad posting needs to be conducted. In order to benefit from classified posting on USA classified sites it is very important to find directories with high ranks and high daily visits. We then work on selecting the right category for your services or products to increase your visibility.

• Next, we check all the directory guidelines. It is important to be aware of the guidelines of each directory before submitting to increase the chance of acceptance. Our team will take care of the guidelines to ensure that your ads will never be rejected.

• Once the ads have been posted we will continue to track the posted ads on a regular basis to ensure they are active or if they need to be replaced by a new advertisement.

Immense Benefits of ad Posting

One of the reasons why so many companies today rely on classified posting on best classified sites is because of the immense benefits it offers. According to studies, more than 8 million people visit classified sites each month. Ad posting also offers perhaps the highest conversion rates. With Elmanarah handling your ad posting needs at a very competitive rate, you will now be able to leverage it well. The ads that are prepared by our team are geared towards increasing leads. Our aim is to ensure that we handle the entire time consuming process of ad posting for you so that you can focus on your core business needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Search and tracking for international, national and local classified sites relevant to your services and products
  • Days and time setting for ad posting
  • Account creation with your password and user ID
  • Ad posting in the right category, state and city
  • Creating ads that target your audience
  • Increased audience and targeted traffic
  • Timely testing and tracking

Our Ad posting services are not limited to some specific area or region but we can post in all major sites.