Social media and its role in online marketing

Social media and its role in online marketing

Alright then before we really get into the mojo that has been swirling around the minds of every person whether it’s the CEO of a multinational or just a man with a business idea, let me introduce you to social media.

It is basically a medium that combines interaction with technology – and it’s online i.e. over the internet. Mostly, you use text to interact but these days things are getting more intricate with videos and chats (Google hangouts) some of the most common examples would be Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Now, what makes them so desirable by entrepreneurs that they want to spend their dimes here rather than the mainstream marketing media? Well, that question is incorrect, no one relies on social media solely, and doing that would not be practical at this point of time at least. But yes, it is highly lucrative and the reasons for that are simple.

Facebook has nearly 1 billion users, nearly one seventh of the whole world’s population. Now, one of the mainstream marketing media is television and people who regularly watch TV would not be more than one seventh of the who world’s population. So why is Facebook so hip? Well, because it is interactive. Marketing over social platforms gets you up close and personal with your customers. People who are using these social platforms are here to chat, make friends, reunite with people and find new connections. In general, they are looking for a casual form of interaction. What social media marketing does, is to insert your product into that realm in such a way that the customers and potential customers see it, interact with it, learn from it, spread it and make you grow your audience at the same time when they are having fun.

How entertaining is it for a person to watch TV commercial by a soft drinks company? I know, not much. But guess what, the Facebook page of Coca Cola has more than 73 million fans; that is 16 percent greater than the whole population of the United Kingdom! Now just so that you know it is not the small scale startups that really get excited about social media, brands like Absolut Vodka and BMW, people like Barrack Obama and celebrities like Lady Gaga all make good use of these platforms in their mainstream marketing campaigns. Many of us would remember how Obama was the fire in the forest over Twitter during the last US presidential elections.

So what can social media do for you and your brand? There is a million of things to be honest ranging from good to bad on extreme measures. It could give your brand an identity to start with and there on you can start building relationships with your customers and prospective customers. Remember a higher level of personal affinity comes with the package in social platforms, and obviously it is a win win for every marketer. By being up close and personal to the audience, you can give them a taste of what you really are (obviously you’d want a positive image), and what your personality is. Another feat that only social media can achieve is the escalated level of customer communication that leads to a higher degree of customer services. It is an on the go medium, it’s faster and easier for your customers to contact you and similarly easier for you to understand them and help them.

If you are impressed by all this, don’t get delusional of getting millions of additional sales overnight. It is a continuous process, and an always online endeavor. What you will need to do is start doing it right and after that, wait for the change to come to you gradually. If you are giving a positive image, branding yourself royally and stay consistent, it will only be a matter of time before you really start juicing the returns.