Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress

Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress

The search prowess of the blog could be better improvised when you have selected the best type of SEO plug-ins from the wordpress. Following plug-ins could be said as the top five from that perspective as they come in really handy for your SEO needs. Top 5 choices are mentioned here for your reference:

All in one – search engine optimization, SEO pack

Most of the bloggers will use this one here. It is commonly known as the gold standard SEO based option for a plug-in. If you are not using it yet, then you should put it as the top most in your priorities. The idea behind using this type of professional plug-ins is just this. These professional template designs are depositing all the useful data such as the Meta description, keywords and other Meta titles kind of information to the search engines, such as Google. It helps the searchers find the relevant information from the search engine in that way.

YOAST – WordPress SEO

Similar to the above mentioned plug-in, this is also equally preferred plug-in by most of the bloggers. In fact there is more functionality here in this plug-in. Better SEO power is assured here to the webmasters. You can run the blog at different levels successfully from the SEO perspective using this plugin. How your content will be visible for the search engine?  An effective idea could be reached quite easily as you are working with a bunch of plug-ins that are blended actually here into a single package. You can integrate Facebook too.


If you are well aware of the Google analytics, then you will sure like the stat counter too. You can rundown the page loading time. You can find out information pertaining to the daily logs quite easily. Unique visit numbers, first time visitor numbers, return visitor numbers and so on, all the details could be obtained accordingly.


It is pretty plain. It assigns the ALT on its own. Title words are arranged to the pictures and hence your pages could be easily found for a related search.

GOOGLE XML – Site maps

It is the best plugin that can create a sitemap. It is quite crucial for a commercial site in special. It extracts links. It extracts SOE text too. There is a great possibility in that way that lots of other search engines will also be indexing your web pages quite easily. Your content is automatically ready for delivery to the related searches made in the search engine as soon as it is created. There is no need to have a Google account just to be using this plug-in.

Content is the king at any given day for a site. You need to focus upon the content quality and the loading speed of the pages with best navigational facilities for the users. In that way, when you do all these basics right, you could link the site to the best ranking sites in your niche, to get quality traffic.